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Tung Oil Blend

Tung Oil Blend
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Tung Oil Blend is a premium quality wood oil, easily applied to timber forming a hard-wearing, water resistant finish. Tung Oil Blend soaks deeply into the wood enhancing the grain, creating a warm, natural lustre.Tung Oil Blend

Uses: New and previously oiled wood - Outdoor Furniture - Joinery and Trim - Toys - Indoor Furniture - Decking - Weather Boards - Stone and Brickwork

Coverage: Previously oiled wood, 12-16 m2 per litre. Dressed smooth wood, 6-12 m2 per litre. Rough sawn or porous wood, 2-8 m2 per litre.

Preparation: Ensure wood is dry, clean and mould free. Sand wood to the desired finish. If spraying indoors, mask and cover any surrounding furnishings, wall or floor coverings. Outdoor furniture that has weathered should be chemically treated and/or sanded to remove dead fibres exposing fresh wood before oiling. Do not apply when the surface and air temperature is below 10oC or in damp, humid conditions.

Caution: Oily rags may self-ignite. Do not throw into rubbish bins. Soak rags in water and hang out to dry.


1. Adjust nozzle to desired position.

2. Spray, brush or wipe Tung Oil Blend liberally onto surface. Do not apply in direct sunshine.

3. After 10 minutes buff surface thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth, removing all excess oil.

4. Allow 16hrs @20oC to dry before re-coating.

5. A minimum of 2-3 coats are recommended on new work depending on porosity.

6. Outdoor Furniture - After application as above, apply one maintenance coat every 2-6 months. This will keep the wood "fed" and prevent the surface from looking dull and going grey.

Helpful Hints: Remove sprayer from bottle and purge with turpentine after use to avoid nozzle blockage. Use at least 240 grit sandpaper for fine finishes. Rub between coats with fine steel wool to give a smooth surface. Do not use on shellaced surfaces. To remove water marks, lightly sand affected area and rub in Tung Oil Blend.

Clean Up: Vegetable or Mineral Turpentine.
For a harder and faster drying finish refer to our Haarlem Danish Oil


The information concerning the use of the product is given in good faith. Because we cannot control the way this product may be used or the conditions that it may be exposed to we can give no express guarantees in respect of this product or its performance. Neither the seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, direct or consequential, arising out of the use or inability to use this product.

Developed and Made in NZ from local and imported products.

Download Tung Oil Blend SDS Sheet PDF

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"The Art of Wood Protection"


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