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Tung Oil
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Tung Oil, also known as China Wood oil is "King" of oils. Being the most durable and hard wearing of all the natural oils and when dry, has good resistance to household cleaners and solvents. The properties of Tung Oil are almost proverbial, with the Pure Tung Oilenduring preservation of the Great Wall of China being attributed in part to Tung Oil treatment of the masonry.

Uses: Interior/Exterior, chopping boards, salad bowls, children's toys, stone, block work.

Coverage: Previously oiled timber, 12-16 m2 per litre. Dressed smooth timber, 6-12 m2 per litre. Rough sawn or porous timber, 2-8 m2 per litre.

Recommended Use: Interior/Exterior - Tung Oil is non-toxic, won't go rancid or taint food, making it ideal for kitchen utensils, salad bowls and chopping boards. Great for children's toys, cots and creating a "wet" look on stone.

Preparation: Ensure wood is clean, dry and mould free with moisture content below 18%. Treat any mould or moss with appropriate product. Weathered or grey wood should be chemically treated and/or sanded to remove dead fibres, exposing fresh wood before oiling. Sand to the desired finish.

Caution: Oily rags may self-ignite. Do not throw into rubbish bin. Soak rags in water and hang out to dry.

Application: Do not apply in damp, humid conditions or when surface and air temperature is below 10oC during application or drying. To aid penetration, place Tung Oil tin in hot water to thin the oil. Apply oil generously and allow to soak for 5-10 minutes, then completely buff off all surface oil.

Recoat: After 24 hours @ 20oC as per application instructions. Finished work will progressively harden over time; this process will depend on air temperature and humidity.



The information concerning the use of the product is given in good faith. Because we cannot control the way this product may be used or the conditions that it may be exposed to we can give no express guarantees in respect of this product or its performance. Neither the seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, direct or consequential, arising out of the use or inability to use this product.

Developed and Made in NZ from local and imported products.

Download Tung Oil SDS Sheet acrobat

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