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Which Oil for my Project?

To help you choose the Oil most suited to your timber project we have included a brief description of our furniture oils below.

HAARLEM DANISH OILFast drying Danish Oil, natural low lustre. Gives a tough durable finish. Supplied to manufacturers and DIY since the early 90s.

Uses-Int/Ext - Bench tops,coffee tables,floors,decks,all joinery and trim

TUNG OIL BLEND Medium Drying. Tung Oil blended with Gum/Vegetable Turps to aid penetration and the drying process. Easy to use - spray on wife off.

Uses-Int/Ext - Garden furniture,sarking,trims

PURE TUNG OIL Slower drying, pure oil. Non toxic, eco-friendly, doesn't go rancid or taint food. Resistant to solvents & cleaning agents. 

Uses-Int/Ext - Childrens toys,chopping boards,salad bowls,creating the "wet" look on stone

GARDEN FURNITURE OIL Fast drying - designed to enhance the grain and offer maximum protection to outdoor settings. Available in Kwila and Clear.

Uses - Outdoor furniture and timber.

TEAK OIL Fast drying, natural low lustre. Has light Teak colour to give maximum protection in the marine/outdoor environment.

Uses-Ext/Marine - Teak decks and trim, teak outdoor furniture. A sunscreen for lighter timbers eg Macrocarpa

BOILED LINSEED OIL Slow drying, less durable and more economical oil.

SHELLAC Amber flakes Uses-the basis of French polish.

VEGETABLE TURPS Premium natural solvent. The choice of master craftsmen and artists. Traditional favourite.

Uses - Artists oil paint - increases flow, reduces brush drag.


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