Five Reasons Tung Oil is the Best Wood Oil For Your Project

If you are looking for the right oil to finish your next woodworking project, or are interested in what products are used to cover your home wood items—then take a look at tung oil. Completely pure tung oil is one of the most natural wood oils you can find on the market today. It is food safe and kid safe and also an eco-friendly and sustainable option that you can use on virtually any type of wood surface.

There is nothing quite like the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are using a safe product on your home’s wood items. However, there are even more benefits that come with pure oil. Take a look at five of our favorites below.

  1. Tung Oil Can Waterproof Wood- According to the original history of tung oil, this product was used to treat Chinese trade ships to keep these ancient boats sealed and waterproof. This natural oil hardens upon contact with the air and instantly creates a durable shield over the wood.

  2. This Oil is Resistant to Harsh Chemicals- All-natural tung oil is resistant to alcohol and to acetone. This includes harsh elements like nail polish remover. This hard exterior shell has a hard, almost wet-like finish that still allows the natural grain of the wood shine through.

  3. Tung Oil is 100% Food Safe- If you are looking for an oil that is completely food safe, then tung oil is a great option. It is not only FDA approved to be used near food and on food prep surfaces, it is also resistant to fruit and vegetable acids.

  4. You can Expect Flexibility- Tung oil is not only flexible in terms of the different ways you can utilize it—but it is physically flexible as well. This oil finish will continue to protect the wood as it expands and extracts over time.

  5. Tung Oil is Easy to Apply- Applying tung oil is simple, especially when compared to other wood oils. Simply rub it on and rub it off as needed for a virtually fool-proof finishing experience.

It is important to remember that in order to take advantage of benefits like this, you must use 100% pure tung oil. There are other imitation products out there that use tung oil together with other chemicals. These finishing products will not give you the same natural benefits as pure, raw tung oil.