Vegetable Turpentine


Vegetable Turpintine also called Pine, Gum or Pure Turps, is a high grade natural solvent and comes from plantation-grown Pinus Silvestris.

Product highlights:

  • Pure, plant-based natural solvent
  • Versatile uses from oil and paint thinning to medicinal use

A time-tested, traditionally used product


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Vegetable Turpentine, also known as Pine, Gum, or Pure Turps, is the craftsman’s miracle worker. This Vegetable Turpentine is a high-grade natural solvent, is a raw, pure product that has an unparalleled combination of strength and natural composition, allowing its versatile uses to range from oil and paint thinning to medicinal use.

A traditional favorite for artists, this turpentine can also be used to make oil paints and oils seamlessly flow on any surface. With numerous uses and high quality, our Vegetable Turpentine will earn a high ranking in your home improvement essentials.


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Developed and Made in NZ from local and imported products.

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